What is Co-Creating Change?

Co-Creating Change is a network and programme which explores the role which artists, cultural organisations and communities can play to co-create change together around the UK and beyond.

What does co-creation mean?

We know that co-creation means different things to different people in different settings. The working definition we are currently using (which we fully expect to change) is, for now, as follows:

Co-creation is a co-operative process in which people with diverse experiences, skills and knowledge come together and work in non-hierarchical ways to address a common issue, and which enables people and communities to be actively involved in shaping the things which impact their lives. It shifts power, resource and ownership towards the people the work is intended to benefit, as opposed to the traditional ‘top down’ approach. It encourages every individual to activate their creative potential and realise their own ability to make change.

Overall aim of Co-Creating Change

To work together to advocate for a better understanding and appreciation of co-created practice both in the arts sector and beyond.

  1. Develop a more collegiate and skilled sector by supporting the network to come together and share skills and knowledge
  2. Develop co-created practice by commissioning the development of new or existing co-created methodologies
  3. Better share, grow and spread methodologies by supporting a number of the commissions to “tour” nationally and/or internationally with multiple partners
  4. Develop the market for co-created practice by hosting an annual international marketplace event
  5. To work with funders, critics and policy makers to develop the conditions within which this work will flourish

Programme Activity
  • Network gatherings – twice yearly for all members
  • Professional development sessions led by members for members
  • Online space to share conversations and resources
  • Commissions – to develop and grow methodologies for co-creation
  • Annual marketplace of co-created practice
  • Advocacy meetings – for funders to listen and learn from the network