Learning Conversation Recordings

Over the last four months, the Co-Creating Change Network (CCCN) has hosted a series of informal conversations with brilliant people from across the country exploring ideas around co-creation: what works and just as importantly what doesn’t. From discussing how we write and review co-created work, to how Covid has changed the possibilities of co-creating digitally.

Available below are all three recordings of the Learning Conversations. For those who missed the live event, to others who just want to re-watch or, for people who’s first encounter with the CCCN is this very page; these are your resources. We hope you find them as fruitful and thought-provoking as we did.

If you’d like to know more about the Learning Conversations please get in touch with us at

Co-Creating Change evaluator Susanne Burns has also written articles outlining the main takeaways from the events which you can read on the ‘Stories’ page of our website here. 

Learning Conversation 1: The Writers & Critics with David Jubb, Lyn Gardener, Maddy Costa and Zain Dada.

Learning Conversation 2: A Beginners’ Guide to Co-Creation with Christina Poulton and Philippa Smith (Strike a Light), Jerrel Jackson (Creative People’s Academies Network), Lora Krasteva and David Tovey (Arts and Homeless International), and Naomi Alexander and Nick Hamon (Brighton People’s Theatre)

Learning Conversation 3: Digital Co-Creation in an Era of Covid with Aurora Trinity Collective, Company Three, What If and Ministry of Others

[Animations by Tom Bailey]