Digital Theatre Projects Making A Positive Difference to Young People (Mortal Fools) – #wearethecrownjewels

Mortal Fools is a theatre, drama and creative learning company based in North East England. Their purpose is to use the process of co-creation between artists and children, young people and communities to produce original theatre productions for personal and social impact.

 From March 2020, Mortal Fools, like all creative organisations, had to radically rethink how they plan and deliver their work. While the press stories about the arts and culture sector all paint a pretty bleak picture, across the UK there are examples of companies and artists bucking this trend of shutdown, cutbacks and despair.

 They have developed new creative ways of working with communities to brighten lives, build positivity and optimism and use creativity to explore, express and manage the difficult emotions many of us are grappling with.

 This video is created by two of Mortal Fools’ young digital ambassadors to showcase some of the work the company has done during Summer 2020, and the difference this has made to the young people involved.