Third round of Co-Creating Change Project Commissions awarded

We are excited to announce the recipients of the third and final round of Co-Creating Change Project Commissions.

Two brilliant projects have been awarded the last round of commissions, for a total of just over £30k between them. They have been chosen because they represent bold, game-changing examples of how communities, artists and arts & cultural organisations can work together to make real social change happen.

We are really looking forward to seeing this project evolve and to share their experience with the wider network.

The two projects are:


B Arts

New Futures Lab will bring together young people (aged 9-13) from the neighbourhoods of Fegg Hayes, Chell and Chell Heath (Stoke-On-Trent) and their parents/grandparents/carers with artists and community workers.  Together the group will explore creative interventions in response to the most urgent issue identified by the young people, feeling unsafe in their neighbourhoods.  Across a 6-month period the New Futures Lab will take part in expert-led training sessions, go on research visits to projects across the UK, and take part in masterclass weekends to help them shape their intervention plan. The interventions will then be delivered across the summer months.



IWGB & Crowded Room


A co-creation between the radical trade union, the IWGB (the ‘baddest union in town’), the acclaimed theatre company, Crowded Room, and migrant cleaners who, against all odds, have fought back against exploitation and discrimination.

A devising period will involve recreations of protests and speeches, re-enactments of workplace conflict, and the sharing of personal testimonies. The process will be audio recorded and either used in a performance, an installation, or a piece of protest art.

The final product will provide a platform for the voices of workers. Audiences will walk in their shoes and be inspired by the change that comes from collective action.


This was the third and final round of Co-Creating Change Project Commissions. Case studies, reports and learning from all the commissioned projects will be shared on this website as their activity continues, and we really look forward to seeing what these methodologies will achieve.

Look out for more news of a separate commissioning pot, launching in 2020, for Growth & Replication Commissions. These commissions will be designed to support existing successful methodologies to scale up and replicate in new locations and contexts.