Want to become a member?

Want to become a member of the network?

Joining the network means that you will get:

  • Regular updates on the activity of the network, and invitations to all the gatherings and events
  • Access to the Co-Creating Change Slack, an online platform that allows members to easily share advice, news, events, opportunities & other information regarding their co-creation practises. (NOTE: The CCC team are in the process of creating the Slack account and will send information on how to join later this February).
  • The ability to contribute to Co-Creating Change website by writing articles, blog posts and sharing updates on your organisation’s activity – more on this below.

Joining the network is easy. Just send send the following to :

  • Your organisation’s logo, if you have one (so that we can add this to the members’ list on the website)
  • Confirmation of the name and email address of your organisation’s designated Lead Contact for Co-Creating Change
  • Name and email address of anyone else in your organisation who wants to be added to the Co-Creating Change mailing list
  • Name and email address of a co-creation partner who would like to join the network with you, if appropriate. We encourage all organisations to sign up alongside a partner who they co-create work with, such as a young person, a community or social sector partner, or a local artist – someone you have a good working relationship with, and whose voice you think would be valuable as part of the network.

No question is a stupid question, so if you have anything else you want to ask us about joining the network just get in touch.